choosing suitable eyeglasses for square face is very essential for your square face. Sunglasses have to increase your personal life. Work with your face shape

If you have a round face, find shade that gives you more angles. If you have a square shape, when choosing suitable eyeglasses for square face try round shape to balance the angles


Fashion changes its shape every season and so does the sunglasses. They change their shape all the time: one season they are huge and oversize and then, they’re tiniest.

Basically, we try to understand what the outline of your face is, not the actual measurements. The goal of measuring is not yield precise measurement but simply to get a better understanding of the proportions between the length and the width of your face when choosing suitable eyeglasses for square face.

Eyeglasses for square face First TIP

you want to measure the length of your face as an outline.

Eyeglasses for square face Second TIP

you want to do the width of the forehead, width of the cheeks and the width of your jaw. All of these measurements should be taken at the widest point in outline so it’s important to keep your measurement flat and not adjust on your face.


An oblong face is longer than it is wide. Your jawline cheeks and your forehead are all about the same width.

go for longer sunglasses. What also good for oblong face shape is a thicker frame you should avoid frameless glasses as well as small ones.


 Your jawline is pointed and your cheeks are wider and your forehead is even wider, like a kind of and inverted triangle. You need sunglasses that point down to accentuate your jawline so you create a harmonious over all look.


When choosing suitable eyeglasses for square face, as long as it is wide. The jawline, cheeks and the forehead are all about the same width. example of celebrities with square face, Lady Gaga, Emily deschanel and so on.Go with sunglassis that have round shape because it harmonize well with your otherwise square sunglasses because you with definitely look like a box.


It’s like an egg upside down. A long face than it is wide. Forehead is a little wider and then your jawline is a little wider and then your jawline is a little slimmer. If you are like that, basically you have the sunglass jackpot because you can wear any kind of sunglass n and they will look good in you.


As long as it wide with a width cheek line slimmer jawline and slimmer forehead. Go for a geometrical pattern so if you have a round face you have the sharper corner to make you look good.


Wide cheekbones, pointy chin a slightly slimmer forehead. You need something that is not too big, something round.


To determine your skin tone, look at the inside of our forearm. Go outside for natural light.

If you have pale skin, your forearm has a bluish and slightly pinkish undertone you should go with pasta color fame or maybe blue. 0ther tones are too harsh and simply won’t look good in you.

If you have medium color skin with yellow and green undertones, you want something like tortoiseshell, brown amber or green because it harmonizes best with your skin tone. if you have a pink and blue undertone, it’s a cool skin tone and color like blue red brown, or even work well for you if you have darker skin with a warm yellowish or green undertone, go for metal frame in dark brown, or cognac, or amber because that’s is the best color scheme for that skin tone.

 when you have dark skin with a cool undertone, you need strong, dark color such as black dark blue, or dark brown because it create the best balance between the contrast of your skin tone and your sunglasses.

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